PAO // Vocals & Production The voice of Intaya, Pao’s eclectic musical and artistic influences are evident in the creation of Intaya. A native of Venezuela, London living has brought this conception to life in an enticing form.   Paola’s sultry, expressive vocals tell the story of the deep lyrics with a spice of Latin – American female attitude.

DOM MARTIN // Instruments & Production Multi instrumentalist and writer, Dom Martin, is a man of eclectic and experimental tastes. Blending his travel and study experiences across Central and South America with his embedded place in the London Brazilian and Cuban music scene, Intaya is the culmination of these experiences infused with soul and jazz intonations.

LYA // Drums & Percussion An in demand drummer on the London music scene, Lya has lent her talents to such projects involving members of Jamiroquai, Clean Bandit, Faithless as well as for groups such as Animanz and Wara.   Hailing from Venezuela, Lya brings her Latin-American / Caribbean charge to the Intaya sound, an underlying afro-Venezuelan basis that gives the music it’s exotic flow.

LONER MUAKA // Keyboards Londoner Loner is the synth magician for Intaya, weaving textures of sonic lushness and space age tones.   Loner also goes out under his own name as his solo guise and produces and writes for London rapper Little Simz.